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Oshos Akashic Transmission

"Our body remembers. Memories are stored as a code in the DNA of each cell. Each human body contains memories.

This is of great significance for meditators,because the roots of all human conditionings are there."

"The real liberation, for women and for men, is the liberation from the past, from the old mind, that keeps the whole of humanity in bondage. And at its very root the bondage is biological. For the ultimate transformation to happen, the biological bondage must be broken. And meditation is the only way to the ultimate transformation for a human being.

The real future of humanity is not in the hands of governments or the big organisations. It cannot be. It is up to each individual to realise their hidden potential, their hidden splendour. When human beings stop being followers, stop being sheep, then they are ready to claim their real inheritance as individuals. Every individual has the potential to be a Buddha."

Orbs of Transcendence


The Orbs of Transcendence consist of a series of 7 individual sessions.

The first 5 sessions deal with impressions and memories of the personal and collective unconscious. As individual memories are released - by putting the correspondent light on the bodys memory points - obstacles for our transformation are dissolved and our awareness can reach to new depths.
The last 2 sessions of the Orbs Process are of a very different nature:
Following the whole energy cycle of breath and prana inside the body with different coloured light a deep inner harmony is experienced.
The application of light follows the pathway of our breathing energy from the point it enters our body, through our chakras and then back on its way out.

This work is not for beginners, as it requires some transomatic or octave work as a prerequisite.



7 Orbs Sessions

ca. 180 minutes each  | 120,– € pro Session


Homestay is possible if you are interested in receiving the Octave Processes.  Please inquire if there is a room available during the times of Your planned sessions.


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