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Oshos Akashic Transmission

"Our body remembers. Memories are stored as a code in the DNA of each cell. Each human body contains memories.

This is of great significance for meditators,because the roots of all human conditionings are there."

"The real liberation, for women and for men, is the liberation from the past, from the old mind, that keeps the whole of humanity in bondage. And at its very root the bondage is biological. For the ultimate transformation to happen, the biological bondage must be broken. And meditation is the only way to the ultimate transformation for a human being.

The real future of humanity is not in the hands of governments or the big organisations. It cannot be. It is up to each individual to realise their hidden potential, their hidden splendour. When human beings stop being followers, stop being sheep, then they are ready to claim their real inheritance as individuals. Every individual has the potential to be a Buddha."

Transomatic Buddhafield

If You are interested in experiencing a powerful tool for self-transformation and self-healing, then the transomatic buddhafields are a wonderful opportunity to explore the power of this work.

Twice a year we gather for a month on a beautiful island of Greece: In this time, there is space for meditations, individual sessions and processes, sharing and much more.

As we are cleaning away the contents of the unconscious mind, a new clarity, a new vision and a new light emerges in the individual being. We recognize that we are much bigger than we ever thought we were, connected with a source of higher consciousness that will enable us to live our life in beauty, in love, in laughter, in freedom and playfulness. Trusting life, trusting ourselves and understanding, that life is there for us to live to the very peak of our potential.

All we need to do is to understand how we created the prison we lived in: the prison of old beliefs, thoughts and ideas, that were given to us from other people.

These buddhafields are meant for people who are ready to claim their individuality, breaking free from old conditionings and from the old past.

„When human beings stop being followers, stop being sheep, then they are ready to claim their real inheritance as individuals. Every individual has the potential to be a Buddha“(OSHO).

You can participate in these buddhafields in different ways. Either you can just come and meditate with us, be in our sharings and enjoy the mediterranean sea.

Or you decide to book for a process or individual sessions.

You should be ready to stay for a minimum of 7 days – otherwise the time will be too short to go deep enough. If you book for processes, the minimum stay would be 14 days, having a session every second day.

The flame of OSHO´s akashic transmission is alive. This is an invitation for those who are longing for the fire in their lifes, for blissfulness and ecstasy, for a deeper meaning beyond the ordinary goals of prestige and success.

This work is for all those who are longing to be free.



If you are interested in more details about this work, you can find some descriptions in my blog:






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